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Manage Tenants

Save yourself the time and worry to manage your additional Real Estate.  Special program and 'cafeteria offerings' can be customized to fit your needs.

Key Benefits

    • No hassles from tenants contacting you directly
    • Expansive lease fulfillment and repair experience
    • 24\7 coverage of your property
    • 1 bill for total repairs (as negotiated)

Need someone to quote general or expansive repairs? Need a make-ready for your property? WE can do the work for you.

Key Benefits

    • General Contractors available
    • Centralized billing for you
    • Work performed without you being on-site
    • Fast response time - from you or tenant

How about something professional to show your proeprty? Floorplans are the answer. We can go to your property and measure all the sides to make sure your diagram is usable and presentable.

Click the floorplan to see a sample!

Key Benefits

    • No purchasing software - we have th tools!
    • Flat rate per floor (up to 1000 sq ft per floor, more footage additional)
    • Saved in JPG format for easy viewing
    • We work with your schedule
    • We do the traveling and can email the file
    • Files saved in case you make modifications



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